Jul 30

AWR-136 Community Cyber Security & AWR-228c Coastal Awareness courses & registration instructions

AWR-136 Community Cyber Security & AWR-228c Coastal Awareness

These two AWR courses are being made available during the 2015 Joint OEMA/WSEMA conference during the week of September 21st. Below is a link to register for either of those courses:

Registration Instructions for BOTH Training opportunities (AWR-228c & AWR-136)  during the conference  **these instructions must be followed to be registered for the course(s)

Jul 09

HHS launches GIS-based tool for health disaster readiness

Here is a new mapping tool to show concentrations of electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiaries (1.6 million nationally): http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2015pres/06/20150623a.html.

 “The HHS emPOWER Map shows the monthly total number of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries’ claims for electricity-dependent equipment at the national, state, territory, county, and zip code levels. The tool incorporates these data with real-time severe weather tracking services from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in a Geographic Information System (GIS).” The tool has grown from the work Dr. Nicole Lurie (HHS’ assistant secretary for preparedness and response) did in Louisiana a couple years ago .

May 14

USDOT Emergency Order No. 30

Response Letter to Robert Ezelle about the USDOT Emergency Order No. 30

May 8, 2015

Mr. Ezelle,

After review of the proposed changes, it was very evident that some of our concerns at the local level have been addressed, such as the reduced operating speeds, even though it is recognized that derailments can and do happen even at speeds as low as 5 mph, the more accurate classification of the Unrefined Petroleum-Based Products and enhancements on the braking systems. Even with those improvements, a significant and troubling step backwards seems to have been incorporated into this document that involves the rail routing notifications.

For these notifications to be sent only to the State Fusion Centers has added unnecessary layers to obtaining the information that is critical to our local communities. As we all are aware, the rail system goes through local jurisdictions and any incidents with these shipments will be dealt with first and foremost at the local level. This information needs to be delivered and readily available to the local jurisdictions and their responders. This information is critical for our local responders to appropriately train, prepare and plan for this specific type of hazard.

The information flow needs to have a direct conduit to the local jurisdictions and this can most readily be achieved by providing the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) and the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) with this information directly. At a minimum, the local level responders should be notified of the aggregate flow of petroleum product through our respective jurisdictions on a quarterly basis. This approach supports community planning and response, while attempting to meet the concerns of the carrier(s). I would strongly encourage that this current change be re-addressed and incorporate this recommendation.

Additionally, I would like to reiterate the three primary areas local level responders are concerned with: 1.) the train cars should be hardened/enhanced further – possibly by double hulls as well as increased thermal protection etc.; 2.) Inspection and Maintenance of the tracks and cars carrying these fuel products needs to be increased and inspection and maintenance standards defined; 3.) Increased training for responders that specifically addresses the unique attributes of these fuel products.

On behalf of our association and membership, thank you for your time and consideration of pushing this request and concern forward.

Sean Davis, President

Washington State Emergency Management Association


Apr 27

Association of City/County Information Services

ACCIS www.accis-wa.org  is an association of Information Services professionals working in the cities and counties around Washington State.

We also have association partners around the state, including 911 Call Centers, PUDs, Water Districts, Association of Washington Cities, Washington State of Association of Counties, to name a few.

Our goal as an association is to bring together staff from all agencies across the state to discuss and resolve these issues.  We have found a powerful and successful method of collaborating to solve common issues together instead of everyone having to solve the same problems individually.

Our next conference is October 21-23, 2015 at Skamania Lodge.  We would love to have you or a representative from your agency/association attend.

Apr 27

Washington Relay – Taste of Technology/Resource Fair 05/18/2015

The Washington Relay will host its Taste of Technology/Resource Fair conference on May 18th, 2015 from 12pm to 4pm at the Northwood Hall, Bellingham WA.   Brochure (click here) for registration and information

There will be an estimated 200 community participants attending who will want to talk with representatives from companies and organizations about their products and services. Your company/organization is invited to be an exhibitor at our conference.

The fee for each is $0.00 (FREE). Wireless Internet connectivity is available throughout the center at no additional cost.

Set-up of the exhibits is scheduled for the morning of Monday, May 18th from 11am to 12pm. For dismantling the exhibits, it will be after 4pm to 5pm on same day.

We look forward to your company/organization being a part of the WA Relay’s Taste of Technology/Resource Fair. Your participation will help make our conference a success!

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

-Karl Reddy, Outreach Specialist of WA Relay  360.334.5062


Apr 10

2015 Educators & Practitioners Summit

Center of Excellence – Homeland Security Emergency Management:

“Honoring the Past … Leaning In To the Future”

Tuesday, June 16, 2015       8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Pierce College—Puyallup Campus at the Arts and Allied Health Building (AAH)

Register www.COE-HSEM.com

Exhibitors or sponsors request an information packet [email protected]

Mar 18

Joel E. Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship

WSEMA Members & Conference Participants:

Our annual conference is scheduled for the September 21-24, 2015, and will be a joint Oregon and Washington conference. Those interested in applying for the scholarship need to complete this form: 2015 WSEMA Joel Aggergaard Scholarship Application

We ask that ALL WSEMA members take the opportunity to support the Joel E. Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship. Your donations of gift baskets, and handmade artwork, jewelry and cultural items, will make a huge impact in the life of a student pursuing an emergency management degree.

If you know what you will be donating, can you please drop a line to our organizing committee which are listed below. Also, if your donation needs to be transported to Vancouver, please let us know: items can be dropped off in the Portland/Vancouver area, Olympia, Camp Murray and Tacoma, or we can try to arrange a pickup at your location if need be.

We appreciate your support! Please help us make 2015 the biggest year yet for the Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship.

Please consider contacting any of the three below to make a donation:

 Jesi Chapin                            Matthew Lieuallen           Jennifer Schaal

[email protected]        [email protected]                     [email protected]

Sean Davis, WSEMA President


Jan 12

2015 Executive Board

The WSEMA Board met on 01/07/2015, those meeting minutes will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.

Your 2015 Board is:

  • Sean Davis, Franklin County ~ President
  • JoAnn Boggs, Pend Oreille County ~ Past-President
  • Jody Woodcock, King County ~ President-Elect
  • Butch Aiken, Asotin County ~ Treasurer
  • Rick Anderson, Stevens County ~ East-Side Representative
  • Jamye Wisecup, Clallam County ~ West-Side Representative
  • Lee Shipman, Shoalwater Bay ~Tribal Nation Liaison
  • Matthew Lieuallen, Ecology and Environment, Inc. ~ Public Sector Representative
  • Scott Heinze, Pierce County ~ Public Sector Representative
  • Ute Weber, City of Tacoma ~ Secretary to the Board

The focus for the 2015 Executive Board will be:

Re-vamping our WSEMA By-Laws and determination of what type of agency we are according to the IRS;

Your Legislative Committee has been hard at work and needs your input. Please complete the short survey they have put together. Survey Direct Link, so they can develop papers/presentations for the state legislators that better represents your agencies’ needs and concerns. This is discussed in the attached Legislative Letter.pdf document.

Please find on our website (wsema.com) and attached, documents from your WSEMA Committees and E-Board.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:  [email protected] 

Thank you.

Sean Davis, 2015 President

Washington State Emergency Management Association