Feb 28

University of Washington – Climate Change Adaptation in Copenhagen


Lykke Leonardsen, Head of Climate Unit
City of Copenhagen, Denmark
MARCH 6, 2015075

At the University of Washington

* Please join us for departmental tea at 3:00 pm in Room 400 of the Atmospheric Science Building

This presentation, co-hosted by the Climate Impacts Group, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and the College of Built Environments, will discuss the Climate Adaptation plan for Copenhagen – and especially the so-called Cloudburst Management Plan – designed to manage extreme amounts of storm water. The city has prepared a comprehensive citywide plan that will be implemented over the next 15-20 years through new stormwater infrastructure, located mainly on the surface, that is designed to create a greener and more livable city as part of the adaptation work. The plan will be carried out in a close partnership between the city and the Greater Copenhagen Utility and will prepare the city to tackle future extreme events.


Feb 25

Center/Pierce selected as finalists for DHS COE CIRC

News was just received from UW that the Department of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure Resilience Center of Excellence Grant which a consortium of Washington colleges, universities and our HSEM Center/Pierce applied for in June of last year has selected us as one of four (4) finalists.  The application was for a 5 year, $16.7M grant from the DHS, to be a center of excellence in critical infrastructure resilience. They will now prepared for a site visit on March 17.
It is an amazing honor to be one of the 4 national finalists.   Their part of the program is under section 2.2 Workforce and Professional Development Program.
This element reads:
  1. Workforce and Professional Development Phase
Feb 11

SIEC Emergency Communications letter

Emergency Managers should be aware of a letter received by the SIEC regarding emergency communications that is slated for the February 19, 2015 agenda.  Please send Stephanie Fritts ( sfritts@co.pacific.wa.us) any feedback regarding a potential vote at future meetings.  The letter can be viewed here:  https://ocio-website-files.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Fire-Chiefs-Letter-CommProtocol-10-06-14.pdf   I would suggest that the local emergency managers obtain opinions from their associated local communications directors/coordinators and let me know how they would prefer I cast the vote.

Feb 11

Floodplain Management Degree Program at the University of Washington

The University of Washington (UW) has just launched a graduate floodplain management program and we are now accepting students. The Floodplain program will be offered through the UW Department of Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments as a specialized track within the Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management Degree program. It will focus on the study of coastal and riverine floodplain management.

The approach we are using is designed to meet the needs of practitioners. The majority of the courses in the program can be taken online with the exception of 2 summer Seattle based resident sessions. Because students will be encouraged to share and discuss real world personal and work related case studies, we expect the program to be attractive to employers.

Please visit the main web site  http://www.infrastructure-management.uw.edu/ and the floodplain option site http://www.infrastructure-management.uw.edu/overview/floodplain/ for details.

Feb 11

EMPG Survey request by IAEM

The survey is available at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015IAEM-EMPGROI  We are requesting that the survey be completed by February 27.

IAEM Request:

This year we are doing a joint effort with the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA). NEMA has used a separate survey monkey for state directors to report on state activities. IAEM is seeking input from local jurisdictions.  NEMA will analyze the state data and IAEM-USA will analyze the local data.  We will write a joint report.

Significant progress has been made in recent years in educating Members of Congress on the importance of building and maintaining strong emergency management programs at the local level, as well as the role of funding, particularly EMPG funding, in building such programs. We are pleased that the FY 2014 appropriation for EMPG was $350 million and the pending FY 15 bill includes $350 and the President’s request is $350 million.  However, this is expected to be a difficult year and it is vital to increase or maintain the funding for EMPG, that members of Congress have information on what they are getting for the EMPG money.

The narrative questions at the end of the survey are of particular importance. We will be educating our new members of Congress and various committee leaders on the value of EMPG. If there is an example of how EMPG was directly related to an emergency response or EM program activity, we would like to cite those in our effort to “paint the picture’ on the importance of EMPG.

The survey is available at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015IAEM-EMPGROI  We are requesting that the survey be completed by February 27.

Feb 10

Washington State EMD changes to 10 Hour work days

From Director Ezelle’s email:

“The current budget challenges facing Washington State have forced the Military Department to develop innovative solutions to maintain our current level of effort in meeting our statewide mission.  Faced with a painful decision to cut costs or reduce staff, the Adjutant General , recognizing the invaluable contributions made by the Department’s people, has chosen to move the entire Military Department to a 4/10 schedule.  The energy saved by closing all Agency facilities one day per week will allow us to preserve critically-needed staff and maintain an outstanding level of service to our stakeholders. 

We will implement the 4/10 schedule effective March 15th.  Starting on Monday March 16, 2015, all fulltime state employees will work 10-hour days, Tuesday through Friday.  Consequently, EMD’s offices will be closed on Mondays.  The Alert and Warning Center will not be affected by this change; it will continue to be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

We realize this change may cause concern among our stakeholders.  The Agency has weighed the comments it has received, and after careful deliberation has concluded that 4/10s with Monday off best meets the needs of the Agency.  EMD will do everything in our power to ensure the service to our customers is minimally impacted by this change.  Also, when disaster strikes, please rest assured we stand ready to respond, regardless of when the call may come.  We will still be here for you when you need us.”


Jan 12

2015 Executive Board

The WSEMA Board met on 01/07/2015, those meeting minutes will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.

Your 2015 Board is:

  • Sean Davis, Franklin County ~ President
  • JoAnn Boggs, Pend Oreille County ~ Past-President
  • Jody Woodcock, King County ~ President-Elect
  • Butch Aiken, Asotin County ~ Treasurer
  • Rick Anderson, Stevens County ~ East-Side Representative
  • Jamye Wisecup, Clallam County ~ West-Side Representative
  • Lee Shipman, Shoalwater Bay ~Tribal Nation Liaison
  • Matthew Lieuallen, Ecology and Environment, Inc. ~ Public Sector Representative
  • Scott Heinze, Pierce County ~ Public Sector Representative
  • Ute Weber, City of Tacoma ~ Secretary to the Board

The focus for the 2015 Executive Board will be:

Re-vamping our WSEMA By-Laws and determination of what type of agency we are according to the IRS;

Your Legislative Committee has been hard at work and needs your input. Please complete the short survey they have put together. Survey Direct Link, so they can develop papers/presentations for the state legislators that better represents your agencies’ needs and concerns. This is discussed in the attached Legislative Letter.pdf document.

Please find on our website (wsema.com) and attached, documents from your WSEMA Committees and E-Board.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:  [email protected] 

Thank you.

Sean Davis, 2015 President

Washington State Emergency Management Association


Sep 09

Joel E. Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship

Good Morning WSEMA Members & Conference Participants:

Our annual conference is just around the corner, and so is our opportunity to support the Joel E. Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship. Your donations of gift baskets, and handmade artwork, jewelry and cultural items, will make a huge impact in the life of a student pursuing an emergency management degree.

If you know what you will be donating, can you please drop a line to our organizing committee which are listed below. Also, if your donation needs to be transported to Spokane, please let us know: items can be dropped off in the Portland/Vancouver area, Olympia, Camp Murray and Tacoma, or we can arrange a pickup at your location if need be.

We appreciate your support! Please help us make 2015 the biggest year yet for the Aggergaard Memorial Scholarship.

Please consider contacting any of the three below to make a donation:

 Jesi Chapin                            Matthew Lieuallen           Jennifer Schaal

[email protected]        [email protected]                     [email protected]

Sean Davis, WSEMA President