Jul 10

2014 Conference Registration is OPEN!!

We are excited to open registration for the 2014 conference at NortherQuest Resort in Spokane September 23-25, 2014.  The link for conference registration and to register for your room at NorthernQuest is here ~ www.etouches.com/wsema.  Please register and join us for a great conference and hear presentations and panels from our colleagues across the state on topics related to this years theme Operation Working Together Works! 

Jun 16

Conference Registration update

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we are excited to be partnering with WSU Conference Management for our WSEMA Conference Registration this year.  The registration portal is expected to be available the first week of July to begin registration for this years conference in Spokane at NorthernQuest Resort.  Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals to present at this years conference as well.  The Board will be reviewing those soon.  It looks like we have some really great content to chose from and look forward to hearing everyone’s proposals.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the board members.

Jun 08

WSEMA Survey – Participation and Feedback Requested

The Board would like to thank you all for the work you do for your tribes, jurisdictions, and our state each and every day. As we prepare for this year’s conference in Spokane, we would like to get your feedback to help us improve the work we do on your behalf. The WSEMA board has put together a short survey to gather that feedback. This association member satisfaction survey asks members about their overall engagement and satisfaction in the organization. The questionnaire addresses value received, networking opportunities, and overall benefit of membership. This survey will ask about your satisfaction with your Association membership. Your opinions are very important – thank you for sharing them with us. The survey is short and should take less than five minutes to complete. Please respond by July 3, 2014.  The link for the survey is www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZF2S7FG.
Apr 28

2014 Washington State Search and Rescue Conferece

Time is short for you to sign up to attend the 2014 Washington State Search and Rescue Conference at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup Washington.
The conference begins on Friday May 9th and goes until Sunday May 11th. Additionally a Saturday (May 10th) only registration is being offered. This will once again be a great conference with great classes, super vendors, and wonderful sponsors.
A number of new and innovative classes are being offered. Please take a few minutes to go to the website www.wasarcon.org and look at the classes being offered and the class schedule.
Questions please e-mail Sgt. Trent Stephens [email protected] or Jeff Salzer [email protected] .
Please register either on line or via mailing your check. All the information you need to register is on the website www.wasarcon.org.
Apr 16

2014 Conference Call For Presentations are open!

We are excited to announce the Call For Presentations is open for the 2014 Conference at Northern Quest Resort September 23-25, 2014 in Spokane, WA.  Please help spread the word and encourage our friends and colleagues to share the great work they are doing.  This years conference theme is Operation Working Together Works!!  Presentations are due June 15, 2014.  What panel, workshop, presentation, or case study do you want to see?

~ The 2014 Conference Committee

Jan 03

Message from our President and Executive Board

Good Evening Washington State Emergency Management Association Members,

On behalf of the 2014 Washington State Emergency Management Executive Board, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for your Membership to our organization and your dedication to the Emergency Management Profession across the State of Washington.

It is amazing how quickly 2013 has come and gone.  As your 2014 President I am excited for the upcoming year and what is planned for this year.

The 2014 Planning Committee for the Annual Conference is gearing up to bring you the best conference yet.  The dates for this year’s Conference are September 23-25, 2014 at the Northern Quest Resort in Spokane, Washington.  This year’s conference chair is Rick Anderson, Stevens County Emergency Management along with Jamye Wisecup, Clallam County Emergency Management and Joann Boggs, WSEMA president. If you have any comments about previous conferences or input on the 2014 conference please contact any of the WSEMA board members.

Many good things were accomplished in 2013 in the Emergency Management Community but there is much more to do in 2014 with changes in the  Emergency Management Council (EMC) and the new Senior Advisory Committee (SAC), as well as many other things. Legislation continues to be important for our organization. Our legislative committee has been and continues to work on the strategy’s for upcoming  and future sessions.  The committee is being chaired this year by Barnaby B. Dow, External Affairs Manager, for the King County Office of Emergency Management.

Our organization is growing and we will continue to strive to influence our future as Emergency Managers.  The 2014 Board looks forward to working with all of our partners this year.

♦ Please check out our WSEMA Web page at www.wsema.com .  Our Board members welcome any feedback or suggestions via the Association Webpage or to individual board members.

♦ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/WAStateEMA and enjoy the pictures of the Capital Christmas Tree that was taken from Colville National Forest as well as other emergency management related information.  If you as a member of WSEMA have pictures of an event that you would like to share via our Facebook page please send with a caption that describes what is happening and who is shown to Darrell Ruby at [email protected].  Please make sure that you have the permission of the person(s) in the photograph prior to sending to Darrell for posting.

♦ Also please follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/WAStateEMA.

Don’t forget to mark Your Calendars for the 2014 WSEMA Conference at Northern Quest Resort in Spokane.   September 23-25, 2014.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you, as without the time, effort and dedication of  our members our Association would not be where we are today. Together we strive to make positive impacts to enhance Emergency Management in Washington State for the benefit of our citizens.

Thank You All And Happy New Year,

JoAnn Boggs, President

Washington State Emergency Management Association


Dec 03

Senior Advisory Committee (SAC)

Sent on behalf of:

Robert Ezelle, Director, Washington Emergency Management Division

Jim Hall, Chair, Emergency Management Council

Dear Emergency Preparedness Partners,

Many are aware of the stipulation in the Federal Fiscal Year 2013 Homeland Security Grant Funding Opportunity Announcement to form a Senior Advisory Committee by December 31, 2013. The purpose of the Senior Advisory Committee (S.A.C.) is to integrate preparedness activities across disciplines, create a cohesive planning framework, and ensure resources are used in a manner that helps reduce duplication of effort.

We first heard of this requirement when the Funding Opportunity Announcement was released on May 24th, 2013. The following months were spent submitting grant applications and administering funding to stakeholders. In August, the Emergency Management Division (EMD), which serves as the State Administrative Agent (SAA) for Homeland Security grants, developed an informational paper that summarized the S.A.C. requirements. Homeland Security Coordinators and the Urban Area Security Initiatives Work Group were asked to review and provide feedback on the paper in September. The paper is merely a resource document summarizing requirements and is not intended to set policy.

The Emergency Management Council was provided the informational paper and a brief overview during a council meeting on October 3. At that point, it was unclear how best to proceed with establishing the S.A.C. It was shared that an ad hoc “committee to develop a committee” would be formed. Recognizing the challenge of forming a group, ensuring adequate representation and interest without being unwieldy, EMD sketched out a possible work group and engaged interested individuals. Unfortunately the outreach took longer than anticipated, and work did not begin until November, cutting into timelines to meet the December 31, 2013 deadline. In short order, the S.A.C. Development Work Group agreed to hold three outreach meetings with call-in options.

During the outreach meetings, information was shared on actions-to-date and membership of the S.A.C. Development Work Group. Also, feedback was solicited regarding how best to proceed. Adjustments were made and will continue to be made to the Work Group, as needed. Additionally, there was strong consensus that not only is Washington State already meeting the intention of grant guidance, but that in some ways we exceed the requirement because of the statutorily mandated Emergency Management Council.

The purpose of the S.A.C. Development Work Group will be to establish the committee’s mission; identify differences between grant requirements and the current EMC; develop a matrix to integrate new S.A.C. representation and additional requirements in the current EMC; conduct on-going outreach; and ensure the S.A.C. has a sustainable and quantifiable mission in emergency preparedness and is not just a group existing only to meet grant guidance.  The Work Group is not the S.A.C.; however, it has porous boundaries–please continue to share all suggestions. As the emergency preparedness community moves forward in further formation of the S.A.C., this is a great opportunity to reflect a commitment to the “whole community” and the rich diversity of the communities in our state.

At the December 5th Emergency Management Council meeting, Ziggy Dahl (EMD) will provide an in depth briefing on S.A.C. work to date and will validate that the current EMC meets the intention of the grant guidance. Additionally the Council will be asked to establish the S.A.C. Development Work Group as a work group of the EMC with the identified and discussed deliverables.

Thanks for all you do and we look forward to your assistance as we work to improve the emergency preparedness system in Washington.